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September 2022





Alexandra Chiriac, Alina Bruckner, Iulia Elena Zup,

Ioan-Augustin Guriţă, Ana Catană-Spenchiu (Eds.)


Re-Configuring Romanian Culture

on its Way Towards Modernity


Romanian Translation Practice

in the Age of Enlightenment (1770-1830)


Konstanz 2022, 334 Seiten, € 49,80.

ISBN 978-3-86628-765-5
















As a direct result of an international conference organized in the year 2021, the volume tries to shed light on the way in which the translation activity contributed to the Romanian culture and language, drawing from different traditions and cultures it came in contact with (directly or indirectly), and thus mingling the own Slavonic church tradition with the new and revolutionary ideas of the Western world and using this mix to modernise the society, language and the politics in this region. Furthermore, this eclectic collection of articles highlights the fact that it was neither the exclusive merit of the Transylvanian scholars, nor of the Moldavian or Wallachian ones to have contributed decisively to the formation of the national consciousness and to the standardisation of the language, but it was rather the collaboration, the circulation of people and ideas that furthered the modernity in all three Romanian Principalities. Without disregarding the regional specificity of the Romanian Enlightenment, the volume focuses  on the interconnections of the agents involved in the cultural transfer, on the networks they created for the dissemination of knowledge and political thought and on the common effort to render the new ideas and concepts of the foreign cultures in a national language that could be accessible to the Romanians.








Eugenia DIMA, A new perspective on the Romanian

culture during the Enlightenment period


Alin-Mihai GHERMAN, Samuil Micu’s translations at the

end of the 18th century


Iulia Elena ZUP, The role of Romanian merchants in the

transfer of Enlightenment ideas. The merchant and

translator Nicola Nicolau


George N. VLAHAKIS, The adventures of a Greek priest,

the acquaintance of Newtonian physics and other

stories in 18th century Romanian Principalities


Ioan-Augustin GURIŢĂ, Some observations regarding a

version of “The history of the fall of Constantinople”

from the 18th century Moldavia. Sources, circulation,




propaganda and information: the texts published in

Buda in 1814-1815 in the context of the Napoleonic



Alexandra CHIRIAC, The “Entangled history” of

historiography: Allgemeine Weltgeschichte in its

Romanian translation. Book circulation and knowledge



Gabriela E. DIMA, The first Romanian version of Sir Isaac

Newton’s Laws of motion


Alina BRUCKNER, The image of the ideal ruler in

Damaschin Bojincă’s translations of historical writings


Constantin RĂCHITĂ, Cultural transfer and national

identity in Petru Maiorʼs ethnogenesis


Dănuţ Constantin BAICU, Observations on

(re)translating Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

into Romanian


Victor CELAC, The origin of the Romanian vocable da

‘yes’, and the stages of its implantation in the language.

The role of translations into Romanian in its

modernisation period (1780–1860)


Mariana NASTASIA, Andreas Clemens’s Kleines

walachisch-deutsch und deutsch-walachisches

Wörterbuch. Notes on the first re-edited dictionary in

Romanian culture


Andreea CONDURACHE, Radu Tempeaʼs Gramatica

românească (1797). Foreign models of terminology

derived from linguistic calque and translation


Cornel TATAI-BALTĂ, Anca Elisabeta TATAY,

Considerations concerning Mihail Strilbițchi’s activity

as an engraver (second half of the 18th century)






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