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April 2021






Mihai-Bogdan Atanasiu, Cristian Ploscaru (Editors)


Social and Administrative Elite

in the Romanian Space

(15th-19th Centuries)


1st Edition 2021. 370 pages. € 49,90.
ISBN 978-3-86628-692-4





















Lidia Cotovanu,

Étapes générationnelles d’ascension sociale chez les migrants balkaniques installés dans les Pays Roumains (XVe – début du XVIIIe siècles) ..


Ioan-Augustin Guriţă,

Contributions to the History of the Ecclesiastical Elite in the Romanian Space: the Titular Bishops from Moldavia in the 18th and 19th Centuries


Cristian Ploscaru,

Administrative Hierarchies and Redistributions of Power to the Moldavian Nobility under the Impact of the Organic Regulation


Lucian-Valeriu Lefter,

Evidence on the Founding Vocation of the Cazimir Family


Simion-Alexandru Gavriş,

Moldavian Institutions during the Organic Statute Regime: the First Members and Employees of the Iaşi Municipal Council


Marius Chelcu,

The Portrait of a High Moldavian Clerk in Mid-19th Century


Laurenţiu Vlad,

Brief Notes on the Education of a Young Wallachian Boyar. Constantin N. Brăiloiu and His Studies in Sibiu, Geneva and Paris (1822-1832)


Nicoleta Hegedűs, Csaba Horváth, Vlad Popovici,

Officers of Romanian Descent in the Royal Hungarian Honvéd Army. Family Histories, Career Paths, and Life Choices


Mircea-Cristian Ghenghea,

German Contributions to the Foundation of the Romanian Modern Medical System in Mid-19th Century: Jacob Czihak and Friedrich Albert Wehnert




Liviu Cîmpeanu,

Prestige and Power: The Estates of John Hunyadi (1409-1456)


Mihai Mîrza,

The Mavrocordat Family and the Beginnings of the ‘Phanariote Era’ in the Romanian Principalities. A Few Observations


Mihai-Bogdan Atanasiu,

The Moldavian Metropolis – Necropolis of the Grand Boyars in the 18th Century


Cătălina Chelcu,

Criminal Justice Delivery in Moldavia, from Late 18th Century to the First Two Decades of the 19th Century


Tudor-Radu Tiron,

In Quest of a New Identity. Nobiliary Issues Reflected in the 1839 Documents of the Moldavian “Confederative Conspiracy”


Cosmin Mihuţ,

A Pamphlet by Ion Heliade Rădulescu (1839) and the Rhetorical Deconstruction of Legitimacy


Filip-Lucian Iorga,

Thou Shalt not Remember. Memory and Oblivion among Romanian Aristocrats, during the Communist Regime and after its Collapse





Short information about this book:


In consonance with the newer orientations within Romanian social history, the studies included in this volume are the result of typological or case researches for the Romanian elite. Focusing on the systematic investigation of the sources, they do not omit the sociological theories of the elites, but they start from an idea specific to historical research: the study changing the perspective from micro-history to macro-history, not the other way around; from the great social structures to the life horizons subjected to investigation. Starting from an inspired quote by François Rosset, “life as an oriented path”, the relevance of those topics, considered small or insignificant from the perspective of la longue durée, has been reconsidered lately, in order to identify the features of social groups and the dynamic of social transformations.


Under the influence of the dialogue with foreign historiography and of historical comparatism, the social history studies within this volume focus on more varied social typologies and social identities at the level of the Romanian elite. The second section of the volume comprises several studies dedicated to the relations between elite and power, seen as an expression of the relation of domination, institutionally and politically. We dedicated the volume to the memory of the historian Mihai Dim. Sturdza, a true aristocrat in the Romanian historiography of the last decades and, at the same time, an authentic scholar. Our dedication isn’t only the expression of appreciation for the work of the regretted historian, but also of the “genealogical” connection between it and many studies published here.



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