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Adrian Vițalaru, Ionuț Nistor, Adrian-Bogdan Ceobanu



Romanian Diplomatic Corps (1918-1947):

Recruitments, Professional Ways, Intellectual Profiles


1st Edition 2020. 338 pages, EUR 39,90

ISBN 978-3-86628-656-6


















The 18 studies of this volume not only propose original interpretations

about the evolution of the Romanian diplomatic corps, but also use new sources

and methods of investigation regarding the construction of the profession.

The volume does not present the history of the diplomatic negotiations conducted

by Romania in the first half of the 20th century, nor is it a history of the treaties and

relations between states. It is a harmonic attempt, although composed of different

perspectives, to reconstruct the organization and functioning of the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs, especially the professional routes, recruitment, training, roles,

social relations and political involvement of Romanian diplomats.








Diplomacy and Foreign Policy


Gheorghe Cliveti,

Diplomacy: from Art to Theory and Practice.

Codifications and Historiographical Perspectives


Alexandru-Murad Mironov,

Decision-Making in Foreign Policy during Interwar Romania.

Historical Outline of an Institutional Architecture .


Luciano Monzali,

Grigore Gafencu's Foreign Policy Viewed by the Italian Historian Mario Toscano  


Daniel Lazăr,

Diplomacy "Behind Closed Doors".

Take Ionescu and the Banat Problem at the Paris Peace Conference  


A Changing World – A Changing Profession


Adrian-Bogdan Ceobanu,

New Times, Old Diplomats: Romanian Diplomatic Corps after the First World War (1918-1920) 


Adrian Vițalaru,

Recruiting the Staff of Romania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the First Decade of the Interwar Period:

Legation Attaché Entrance Exams  


Mihai-Alexandru Pițigoi,

Nicolae Titulescu, the Romanian who Understood how Great Britain Works  


Ionel Doctoru,

Diplomacy and Propaganda. The Beginning of Constantin Diamandi Diplomatic Mission in Paris (1924-1925)


Henryk Walczak,

SturdzaStomoniakov Talks in Riga and the Romanian – Soviet Pact of Non-Aggression in 1932


Diplomacy in Wartime


Bogdan-Alexandru Schipor,

The Soviet Annexation of Latvia, 1939-1940, through the Eyes of a Romanian Diplomat:

Grigore Niculescu-Buzeşti  


Mioara Anton,

The Quest for a Compromise.

The Balkan Front and Vasile Stoica's Mission in Ankara (March 1939 – June 1940)  


Petre Otu,

General Dănilă Papp, Romania's Minister to Vatican (1941-1943)


White Collars in the Blue Collar World


Cristina Preutu,

Raoul Bossy: A Portrait of a Diplomat between Two Worlds .


Ionuț Nistor,

Tudor Vianu – the Diplomatic Mission of an Intellectual to Belgrade


Irina Gridan,

A "Policy Towards the East": A Turning Point or a Continuation

in Romania's Foreign Policy? (1945-1947)


Marian Hariuc,

Towards a Romanian Foreign Policy under the Soviet Rules.

Mihai Ralea's Diplomatic Mission in Washington (1946-1949)


Dan-Alexandru Săvoaia,

From the Past of a "New" Diplomat:

Gheorghe Vlădescu-Răcoasa, Ambassador in Moscow (1948-1949)


Paul Nistor,

Romanian Diplomats in Washington:

 from Classical Nepotism to Communist Loyalty (1946-1950)


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