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New publication 1994

ETH Series in Information Processing Vol. 2

Editor: James L. Massey






Fredy D. Neeser


Communication Theory and

Coding for Channels with

Intersymbol Interference.


1st edition 1994. XIV, 150 pages. EUR 34,80.

ISBN 978-3-89191-744-2















This thesis is primarily concerned with the analysis of discrete-time communication channels with intersymbol interference (181) and additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN). Complex random variables and processes are useful for describing the baseband equivalent of bandpass communication channels with memory and - as shown in this thesis - for deriving the capacity of 181 channels with a complex unit-sample response and complex AWGN. The complex noise process in the equivalent baseband channel usually exhibits certain symmetries in the autocovariance and crosscovariance function of its real and imaginary part. We show that in order to achieve capacity the information-carrying process must obey the same covariance symmetries.


ETH Series in Information Processing


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