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Series in Communication Theory 

Edited by Helmut Bölcskei

Vol. 4:




Ulrich G. Schuster,
Wireless Communication over Wideband Channels.
1st edition 2009. XXII, 362 pages; € 64,00.

ISBN 978-3-86628-245-2


Wireless communication is hampered by fluctuations of the wireless channel over time, frequency, and space. Channels of ultra-wide bandwidth are especially challenging to communicate over as the received power per hertz is typically very low, so that channel estimation becomes difficult. The present work takes a comprehensive look at ultrawideband channels: Their characteristics are analyzed on the basis of channel measurements, and a statistical model is developed that captures the fundamental channel characteristics. An information-theoretic analysis yields upper and lower bounds on the rates achievable when communicating over such ultrawideband channels under realistic constraints, like imperfect channel knowledge at the receiver and peak limited transmit signals.




About the Author:


Ulrich G. Schuster studied electrical engineering at Aachen University of Technology, Aachen, Germany, and at the University of California at Berkeley, U.S.A., where he received the M.S. degree in 2003. After graduating from Berkeley, he joined the Communication Technology Laboratory at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, as a research and teaching assistant. Mr. Schuster was a visiting researcher at the Centre for Wireless Communications at the University of Oulu, Finland, in 2004 and at Princeton University in 2006.


ISSN 1865-6765

ISBN-10  3-86628-245-1

ISBN-13  978-3-86628-245-2


Keywords: wireless communication, wideband channels, ultrawideband channels, communication theory, channel capacity, underspread WSSUS channels, channel measurements, channel sounding, channel modeling, multiantenna systems, MIMO, noncoherent capacity, Weyl-Heisenberg discretization, pulse-shaped OFDM, UWB


Series in Communication Theory

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