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Claudiu-Lucian Topor,  Alexander Rubel (Hg.)


″The Unknown War″ from Eastern Europe


Romania between Allies and Enemies (1916-1918)


1st Edition 2017. 310 pages, EUR 39,90

ISBN 978-3-86628-579-8










World War I has left deep marks in humanity's collective memory.  Historians regard it as an event that shaped fundamentally the worlds we live in today. Major debates concerning the nature of war have been held over the past two decades and the frequency of commemorations should no longer surprise anyone. In continental Europe, the remembrance of the First World War caused in the last decade a veritable invasion of the past into the heart of the present. The main task of this volume remains to find out answers about Romanian belligerence. As you know, after 14/27 august 1916, The Kingdom of Romania faced this new challenge in the unpredictable course of the Great War.  Naturally, the event had vivid echoes both at that remote time in the past, as well as during the course of the troubled century that separates us from the generation of the trenches. The blanket of reflection has descended over our minds, sometimes laden with bias and hatred, some other times filled with ideological expression serving one party ideology or another, but this elapsed period has mostly been useful, productive and necessary. So far the importance of the new Romanian front – was it marginal? was it crucial? – has not yet been established. Enough controversial issues are still being debated: the political commitments made before joining the war; the military training of the Romanian army; how the resources of the Romanian territory have been used; changes in battle tactics and strategic approaches etc.








Foreword – The ”Unknown War”………………..



“A nation before the storm”:

The controversy over Romanian neutrality


MICHAEL JONAS, Romanian Neutrality in Context: Comparative Remarks on Romania and Sweden

during the First World War


ANDREI CUSCO and FLAVIUS SOLOMON, The Controversy over the “Bessarabian Question” in

the Romanian Kingdom (1914-1916)


EMANUELA COSTANTINI, Italy and Romania: crossed glances between

common interests and divergences




War Decisions: August 1916 – People reactions and expectations


SILVANA RACHIERU, The “1916” Moment from the Perspective of the Ottoman-Romanian

 Relations – an Overview


ALMA HANNIG, Austria-Hungary and Romanian Entry into the War 1916. A Study of Viennese

Public Opinion


LUCIAN TURCU, How did the two Romanian Churches from Transylvania react to Romania`s

entrance in the First World War?



Military Strategy and War Experiences


CHRISTIAN ORTNER, Die militärischen Maßnahmen Österreich-Ungarns gegenüber Rumänien bis zu

Beginn der Mackensen-Offensive unter Berücksichtigung des politischen Kontexts


NICHOLAS PITSOS, Pain and relief in the shadow of the Carpathians:

the French medical mission at Iasi, 1917-1918


MIHAI-OCTAVIAN GROZA AND DIANA-MARIA DĂIAN, “The Romanian Central Military Senate of the

Officers and Soldiers from Vienna” (31st October – 27th November 1918)


GUNDULA GAHLEN, German War Participants’ Spatial Experiences in Romania 1916-1918



Military Administration and Victims of the War


ANDREI FLORIN SORA, A challenging endeavour? Romanian administration in the territory occupied

by the Central Powers (November 1916 – April 1917)


DORIN DEMOSTENE IANCU, The Romanian Orthodox Church under the German

Military Occupation 1916-1918. A revaluation of the Metropolitan Conon’s attitude


ADRIAN VIȚALARU, Thinking of the loved ones, always away from home.

The War refugees in the unoccupied territory of Romania (1916-1918)


CLAUDIU-LUCIAN TOPOR, The “routine” of suffering. Breaking the Laws

of War on Romanian territory



The Traces of War: Historical Memory and Cultural Heritage


DANIEL CAIN, The Romanian Archives during the Great War


RALUCA TOMI, Behind the scenes of the Great War – General G. A. Dabija’s Memoirs


IONEL MOLDOVAN, State and Church during the Great War.

Protecting the treasure of the monasteries in Moldavia (1916-1917)


SERINELA PINTILIE, “Battles and heroes” in teaching history:

The Remembrance of the Romanian military campaign (1917)





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