Series in Broadband Communications

Jan Hansen

Efficient Indoor Radio Channel Modeling
Based on Integral Geometry

1. edition 2003; X, 196 pages/Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-835-5

This thesis presents an indoor radio channel model valid at GHz frequencies. Radio channel modeling is divided into two tasks: the description of wave propagation within given deterministic surroundings and the characterization of the key geometrical properties of these surroundings.
Applying methods from integral geometry to first principles of wave propagation, a purely analytical channel model is derived. The latter describes the frequency selective indoor radio channel in dependence on parameters which describe either geometrical properties of the environment, or those of wave propagation at GHz frequencies, or those of the communication system used. All these parameters are easily accessible for a system designer. An application of the model requires only minimum knowledge about the investigated building and the communication system.

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