Series in Broadband Communications

Rico Schwendener,

Medium Access Control Algorithms for
Wireless Personal Area Networks Based on
Channel State Estimation.

1. edition 2003; VIII, 120 pages/Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-850-9

The subject of this thesis is the investigation of novel medium access control (MAC) algorithms which use channel state information (CSI) to improve the efficiency of wireless transmissions over time variant channels. The evaluation of the proposed algorithms is performed assuming high rate wireless personal area networks (WPANs). Due to the mobility of WPAN nodes, fast changes of the transmission quality may occur.
The throughput of error free packets in the network is considerably higher if CSI dependent MAC algorithms are used, even for small numbers of scheduled links. Important issues are fairness and the provision of quality of service (QoS). Several of the presented scheduling rules achieve fair scheduling with limited delay.
The exploitation of multiuser diversity is not restricted to centralized scheduling. Thus, a novel distributed access scheme is introduced. Channel state dependent access times combined with a random backoff time allow to use CSI in a distributed manner. The throughput of error free packets is considerably increased when compared to that achieved by conventional distributed access schemes.
As an instrument for the evaluation of MAC algorithms, we propose a novel finite state channel model. It is based on a semi-Markov process used to describe the quantized channel impulse response energy.

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