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Series in Broadband Communications

Simeon Furrer

Multiple-Antenna Signaling over Fading
Channels with Estimated Channel State
Information at the Receiver.

1. edition 2005, 150 pages/Seiten, € 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-994-7

Multiple-antenna concepts for wireless communication systems promise high spectral efficiency and low error rates by proper exploitation of the randomness in multipath propagation, without increase in the transmit power or bandwidth. The subject of this work is to quantify the impact of channel uncertainty due to channel estimation errors on the error-rate performance and the capacity of multiple-antenna systems in Rayleigh and Ricean block-fading (BF) channels. A training-based system is considered that reserves a portion of time to sound the channel. The transmitter sends known pilot symbols that are used to estimate the channel at the receiver by means of a linear filter. No CSI is assumed at the transmitter.

A new framework to analyze training-based multiple-antenna systems is introduced. The core piece of this framework is an equivalent system model that specifies the channel by the estimated (and hence, known) channel coefficients and an uncorrelated, data-dependent, non-Gaussian noise. We derive the maximum-likelihood (ML) detector and investigate its performance in the limit of perfect CSI and no CSI as well as its relation to several mismatched detectors. New exact expressions and Chernoff bounds of the pairwise error probability are derived and applied to assess word-error and bit-error rate bounds for ML and mismatched detection. Upper and lower bounds on the maximum instantaneous mutual information and the maximum mutual information are presented and used to compute ergodic and outage capacities and to extend earlier results to arbitrary (and possibly mismatched) linear channel estimators and to correlated Ricean BF channels. For illustration purposes, several numerical results are included, ranging from simple single-antenna systems to multiple-antenna schemes in correlated Ricean fading and orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) systems over frequency-selective fading channels with robust channel estimation.

About the Author
Simeon Furrer received the Dipl. El-Ing. and Ph.D. degrees from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich, Switzerland, in 1999 and 2005, respectively. Since 1999, Simeon Furrer is with the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, where he is working in the area of digital signal processing techniques and protocols for wireless communication systems and sensor networks.

Multiple-antenna systems, Gaussian fading channels, linear channel estimation, maximum-likelihood detection, mismatched detection, performance analysis, pairwise error probability, code design, maximum mutual information, ergodic and outage capacity, upper and lower bounds.

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