ETH Series in Information Security and Cryptography

Edited by Ueli Maurer

Vol. 1: Christian Cachin,
Entropy Measures and Unconditional Security in Cryptography.
ISBN 3-89649-185-7

Vol. 2: Jan Leonhard Camenisch,
Group Signature Schemes and Payment Systems Based on the Discrete Logarithm Problem.
ISBN 3-89649-286-1

Vol. 3: Martin Hirt,
Multi-Party Computation: Efficient Protocols, General Adversaries, and Voting.
ISBN 3-89649-747-2

Vol. 4: Matthias Fitzi,
Generalized Communication and Security Models in Byzantine Agreement.
ISBN 3-89649-853-3

Vol. 5: Reto Strobl
Distributed Cryptographic Protocols in Asynchronous Networks with Universal Composability.
ISBN 3-89649-988-2

Vol. 6: Krzysztof Pietrzak,
Indistinguishability and Composition of Random Systems.
ISBN 3-86628-063-7

Vol. 7: Thomas Holenstein,
Strengthening Key Agreement
using Hard-Core Sets.

ISBN 3-86628-088-2


Vol. 8: Johan Sjödin,

Weak Pseudorandomness and Unpredictability.

1st edition/ 1. Auflage 2007, X, 104 pages/Seiten, ISBN 3-86628145-5


Vol. 9: Bartosz Przydatek,

Approaches to Efficient and Robust

Cryptographic Protocols.

1st edition/ 1. Auflage 2007, XII, 108 pages/Seiten, ISBN 3-86628-153-6


Vol. 10: Vassilis Zikas,

Generalized Corruption Models in
Secure Multi-Party Computation.

1st edition/ 1. Auflage 2010, 180 pages/Seiten, ISBN 3-86628-338-5


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