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Series in Computer Science
Edited by Thomas M. Stricker

Vol. 1

Michela Taufer

Inverting Middleware:
Performance Analysis of Layered Application Codes in High Performance Distributed Computing

1. Auflage/edition 2002, 150 Seiten/pages, € 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-821-5

Many important application codes were developed for vector supercomputers and SMP machines. In the last decade, the computing research has moved away from such expensive platforms to cheaper distributed systems such as clusters of PCs. Re-engineering applications tor such distributed systems while at the same time maintaining good performance remains a challenging task, since we are still lacking tools and instrumentation for performance analysis that work weil together with standard middleware.
To address this problem, this thesis presents a novel method for performance analysis including a framework called inverted middleware. Inverted middleware assists the process of performance engineering by mapping low level performance information, monitored at the operating system layer, back to a higher level, i.e. the application layer. The viability of the approach presented is demonstrated with the performance analysis of the scientific code Dyana for molecular dynamics and a standard OLAP (On-Une Analytical Processing) application, the TPC-D benchmark.

Series in Computer Science

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