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Series in Distributed Computing
edited by Roger Wattenhofer
Vol. 7



Pascal von Rickenbach,

Energy-Efficient Data Gathering
in Sensor Networks

1st edition/1. Aufl. 2008, 160 pages/Seiten, € 64,00.
ISBN 3-86628-228-1 and 978-3-86628-228-5



Wireless sensor networks are applied across a diverse range of application domains. These networks offer the potential to instrument the world at an unprecedented scale, and to bring the pervasive computing vision to fruition. Long-term surveillance of environmental conditions is a prevalent application for wireless sensor networks. By spreading a large number of cheap untethered sensor nodes within an area of interest it is possible to monitor dense temporal and spatial data over an extended period of time enabling scientists to analyze complex interactions within the environment. To enable communication sensor nodes are equipped with a short-ranged radio allowing them to convey their data to an information sink for further processing. Minimizing energy consumption in such systems is of prime importance since the desired operational periods without human interaction range from months to several years.

This dissertation discusses important problem fields in the context of energy-efficient data gathering in sensor networks. In particular, it tackles essential questions arising throughout the whole sensor network life-cycle. Starting with investigations about interference restricting network topologies and the impact of data aggregation on energy consumption, the thesis describes a practical implementation of a low-power network stack that allows long-term continuous data collection. Furthermore, we study energy-efficient management services applicable during node deployment and application reprogramming.



About the author:


Pascal von Rickenbach received his M.Sc. degree in computer science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland in 2004. In the same year he joined the Distributed Computing Group of Professor Roger Wattenhofer at ETH Zurich as a Ph.D. student and research assistant. In 2008 he earned his Ph.D. degree for his work on energy efficient data gathering in wireless sensor networks..



Keywords: Data gathering, wireless sensor networks, long-term continuous data collection, energy-efficiency

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