Series in Microelectronics

edited by       Wolfgang Fichtner
                        Qiuting Huang
                        Heinz Jäckel
                        Gerhard Tröster
                        Bernd Witzigmann

Vol. 217


Denis Dolgos,

Full-Band Monte Carlo

Simulation of Single Photon

Avalanche Diodes.

2012. X, 174 pages. ISBN 978-3-86628-421-0




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This thesis describes the simulation of high-energy charge transport in single photon avalanche diodes by means of the full-band Monte Carlo technique. A computationally efficient formulation of the scattering rates, while keeping the main physical features, renders the CPU-intensive calculation of the breakdown characteristics of single photon avalanche diodes feasible on standard computer clusters. \textit{CarloS}, a novel full-band Monte Carlo simulator, is applied to the high-field charge dynamics of the multiplication process. Compared to previous works employing simple charge transport models, the solution of the Boltzmann transport equation and the incorporation of the full-band structure puts the evaluation of the breakdown probability, the time to avalanche breakdown and its jitter on deeper theoretical grounds. Additionally, this thesis presents an impact ionization model for the scattering rates and secondary carrier energies based on the random-κ approximation.

About the Author:

Denis Dolgos was born on October the 6th, 1981 in Böblingen, Germany. He enjoyed his childhood in Herrenberg. In 2001 he began studying physics at the University of Stuttgart receiving his Dipl.-Phys. degree in 2007. Denis completed his diploma work at the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research in Stuttgart. From 2008 to 2011 he was a research and teaching assistant at the Integrated Systems Laboratory at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. His research interests lie in the Monte Carlo modeling of semiconductor physics. In his spare time, Denis enjoys playing the guitar.

Keywords: III-V Halbleiter, Ladungsträgertransport, Photon, Lawinendiode, Avalanchediode, Monte-Carlo-Methode, vollständige Bandstruktur, Galliumarsenid, Indiumphosphid, Indiumaluminiumarsenid


Series in Microelectronics

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