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Series in Microelectronics

edited by       Qiuting Huang

Andreas Schenk

Mathieu Maurice Luisier

Bernd Witzigmann

Vol. 241






Stefan Mach


Floating-Point Architectures for

Energy-Efficient Transprecision Computing


2021. XIV, 200 pages. ISBN 978-3-86628-719-8















The power-wall obstacle fuels a push towards computing paradigms that put energy efficiency as the ultimate figure of merit for any hardware design.

Significant advances in research have relaxed the "always maximum precision" approach to standard floating-point usage and exploit approximation more aggressively.

The emerging "transprecision computing" paradigm requires fine-grained control over numerical precision to tease out more performance and efficiency from hardware and software.

This work develops the concept of flexible transprecision computing for general-purpose systems by following a multi-pronged approach.

It explores extensions to the FP type system, the addition of new types and operations to compilation toolchains, processor ISAs, and processor cores while also developing the necessary hardware for a fully configurable transprecision floating-point unit.

These developments spawn a range of implementations spanning both the low-power embedded and application-class high-performance domains, delivering improvements in performance and energy efficiency across the board.



Stefan Mach was born on 26th September 1990 in Lucerne, Switzerland.

He received his BSc degree from ETH Zurich in 2014 and his MSc degree from ETH Zurich in 2016.

He joined the Integrated Systems Laboratory of ETH Zurich as a Ph.D. candidate in 2016 under Prof. Dr. Luca Benini's supervision.

His research interests include transprecision computing, computer arithmetics, and energy-efficient processor architectures.



floating-point, transprecision, energy-efficient, RISC-V, floating-point unit, embedded, high-performance, ASIC



Series in Microelectronics

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