Selected Readings in Vision and Graphics
Volume 14

Christian Stöcklin

Morphometric Characterization
of Biological Structures

First edition 2002, 180 pages, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-766-9

Within the scope of this work different aspects of form description as well as the connection between form parametrization and the correspondence establishment were studied. In order to apply and analyze the actual form description in clinical applications, two medical studies were planned and performed in close collaboration with the Department of Orthopedic Surgery of the University Hospital Balgrist in Zurich. The task of these two investigations was the measurement and analysis of biological structures based on ordinary MRI and X-ray images. Besides these two clinical applications also different theoretical models for shape description as well as the connection with the correspondence establishment problem were investigated.

Christian Stöcklin studied Physics with a minor in Biomedical Physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich, Switzerland, from which he received a Dipl. Phys. ETH in 1997. During his studies, he worked at the Department of Mathematics of the ETH Zürich as teaching assistant. In 1997, he joined the Computer Vision Group of the Communication Technology Laboratory at the ETH, where he investigated several problems in the field of medical image analysis and measurement. At the end of 2001, he finished his doctoral thesis and was awarded a Ph.D. degree (Dr. sc. techn.) from the ETH Zürich.

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