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Selected Readings in Vision and Graphics
edited by Luc Van Gool, Gábor Székely, Markus Gross, Bernt Schiele

Volume 45

Alexander Neubeck

Calibration and Viewpoint Consistent
Modelling of BTF Data.

First edition 2007, XIV, 228 pages, € 64,00.
ISBN 3-86628-132-3










Textures play an important role in the realisitic rendering of computer generated worlds. With recent advances in computer hardware, it is possible to reproduce even viewpoint and illumination dependent texture effects in realtime. In the last years, special BTF setups have been built which record sample textures for thousands of viewing and lighting conditions. In this thesis, we consider the whole processing pipeline of BTF data starting from the calibration of BTF setups, over the modelling of BTF data, to the synthesis and rendering of BTF models. Thereby, the main focus of the thesis is the viewpoint consistent modelling and synthesis of mesostructure textures which are especially challenging. The proposed algorithms take advantage of the large amount of available images and are designed for an automatic processing of BTF data.


Alexander Neubeck studied computer science at the University of Ulm, Germany. He made his first computer vision experiences as a member of Ulm's RoboCup Team. With the ACM Programming Team, he took an active part at the world finals 2001 in Vancouver and 2002 in Honolulu. In the same year, he graduated with a Dipl. Informatik, and joined the Computer Vision Lab of the ETH Zurich, where he worked as a PhD student. In 2007, he finished his doctoral thesis on "Calibration and Viewpoint Consistent Modelling of BTF Data", and was awarded a PhD degree (Doctor of Sciences) from the ETH Zurich.


Keywords: Computer Vision, Bidirectional Texture Functions, GDM Rendering, Texture Synthesis, Camera Calibration, Helmholtz Reciprocity, Volumetric Textures, 3D Reconstruction

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