Selected Readings in Vision and Graphics
edited by Luc Van Gool, Gábor Székely, Markus Gross, Bernt Schiele

Volume 53




Till Quack


Large-Scale Mining and Retrieval of

Visual Data in a Multimodal Context


2009. XVIII, 226 pages. EUR 64,00.

ISBN 978-3-86628-253-7


This book discusses recent research results in the fields of object mining and object retrieval in visual data. The three main field covered are: Firstly, the investigation of itemset mining algorithms in the domain of visual data for recognition of specific objects and object classes.

The second topic is a multi-modal data-mining method, which automatically mines objects and events from community photo collections on the Internet. This is achieved trough a combination of multi-modal cues, stemming from image-data, text-data and geographic location.

The third and final topic consist of several prototype applications for scalable retrieval in visual data, partly building on the data mined in the previous steps. These retrieval applications focus on applications for mobile devices, including multimodal context such as GPS location of the user. In addition to the mobile retrieval applications, novel web-and desktop applications are designed, for browsing and auto-annotation in personal photo collections.

About hte Author

Till Quack obtained a M.Sc. degree in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich in 2004. From 2004 to 2009, he was research assistant and Ph.D. student at the Computer Vision Group of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland, with Prof. Luc Van Gool. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science ( from ETH Zurich for his work on mining and retrieval of visual data in a multimodal context in 2009. He is also co-founder of several startup companies in the Internet and Computer Vision industries.

Keywords / Schlagwörter:
object recognition, object retrieval, image retrieval, computer vision, machine learning, internet vision, data mining, Objekterkennung, Bildverstehen, maschinelles Lernen, Bildsuche


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